Networked Beings - Parameters & Parallels

is an immersive, large-scale video installation with 360-degree spatial sound. The video artwork presents a visual-auditory dialogue between technology and nature, two distinctly non-human ways of 'being' and processing the world, by juxtaposing an AI network with a fictional dataset - consisting of video recordings of animal perspectives of perception.

Immersive Video-Art Installation

Large Scale Projection, 7.1 Surround

2023, 24min

Kristin Jakubek

Artist & Director

Leon Brandt

Producer & Director of Photography

The dataset of animal perspectives evokes the richness and abundance of the natural world. These impressions are contrasted with the purely mathematical data processing of the AI network. By means of cinematic juxtaposition, the film poses important contemporary questions in the field of tension between nature and forward-looking technology and implicitly criticises the inherent limitations and inadequacies of common AI image datasets.